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The Value of Olympic Weightlifting
By: Leo Totten

POWER - speed and strength combined - Olympic lifting epitomizes power;  the athlete utilizes the rotary action of the hips and legs as the bar passed through the “power position”

STRENGTH - ability to produce force;  the training of Olympic lifters utilizes all facets of training such as eccentric movements, slow movements, isometrics and heavy bodybuilding.

MUSCULAR ENDURANCE - ability to perform work when using moderate to heavy loads;  produces more max power, therefore allows more work at smaller %, so the athlete can endure longer at lower work rates.

CARDIOVASCULAR - results of some current research: Olympic lift training can produce the following results - increase in max V02, decrease in resting heart rate, significant decrease in systolic blood pressure while the diastolic remained constant.

BODY COMPOSITION - amount of lean body mass and percent of body fat; in Olympic weightlifters, the metabolic turnover is high enough to alter body composition (significant increase in  lean body mass and significant decrease in percent of body fat.

FIBER TYPE - most recent research has shown that qualitative and quantitative changes are possible in response to “powerful and explosive” training.

AGILITY - ability to rapidly change direction of the body or its parts;  strength and power is needed to effectively control body inertia (Olympic lifting offers that).

FLEXIBILITY -  range of motion about a joint;  Olympic lifting demands this and develops it.