Membership Addons

Personal Training (1 Session per month)

Once a month spend an hour with an Equity coach.  The hour can be spent working through a particular workout or strength, refining skills, or getting better at a skill.

Cost: 50$ /month
Additional Session: 45$ per session /month
(example 2 session 95$)
Session: 60 minutes

Skill Session (1 session per month)

This session is similar to the personal training but is much more focused on a particular movement/skill.  Get that pullup, linked toes to bar, or refine that snatch technique.

Cost: 30$ /month
Additional Session: 25$ per session /month
(example 2 session 55$)
Session: 30 minutes

Nutrition Coaching (60 mins per month)

Weight loss, lean out, or muscle gain.  It doesn't matter what your goal is nutrition is the foundation of that goal.  More information.

Cost: 50$ /month


Personalized Programming

Personalized programming takes into account your goals, strengths, and weaknesses.  Based on those factors we create a  plan to reach your goals.  

Personalized Accessory Program: 50$ /month *
Personalized Full Programming: 120$ /month

* programmed around our workout of the day