Team Training

Is your sport team looking to gain a competitive edge and become more competitive?  Equity is here to build strength, speed, power, agility, balance, and help prevent injury.

Having the ability to express power, speed, agility, and explosiveness is essential to success in sport.  Our goal is to build athletes that can fully express their true potential on the field of play.

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                            External Location       In-House
Single Coach                  75$                      100$
Two Coaches                125$                      175$

In-House Training
Our facility and equipment will be used in order to train the team to its full potential.  Plyometric boxes, barbells, turf, kettlebells, bands, etc.

External Location
At an external location training will be limited to what is readily available.  Most of the training will be based on body weight movements and learning how to move our body efficiently and effectively.

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